Monday, March 3, 2014

The Pumpkin Carriage-Part II

So, now we were ready to start the pumpkin-carriage stroller costume. We had gotten a big box and were ready to go. Now what?  (Insert sound of crickets here.....)

I had to start somewhere so I sketched out what I wanted the pumpkin to look like on a piece of paper. Then, I measured the stroller to get the approximate dimensions I wanted it to be. I taped some pieces of newspaper together to make a large template. With pencil and string, I drew a large circle, sketched in a stem and some wheels and cut it out, traced it onto the cardboard. I even remembered to reverse the pattern to draw the second side!

Newspaper Template
Time to cut. I got about eight inches cut and my hand was hurting. Hubby cut the rest, twice. Thank you, honey!
Trying out the size
Now for some pumpkin colors. I had an inexpensive orange plastic tablecloth that I spray-glued to the cardboard, leaving the wheels, stem and what would be the door area uncovered. It dried into some interesting little puckers and bumps and gave the pumpkin some character. I painted the stem green and the wheels black with white swirls. I put glow in the dark paint on the swirls for fun. Orange marker stripes, scrapbook paper for the door and a painted door outline completed the carriage. the pumpkin carriage is looking good now! We are on a roll! Next problem to to attach the thing to the stroller so it didn't drag on the ground or fall off.

We finally settled on zip ties. Picked spots on the frame of the stroller that would support the cardboard, poked some holes, inserted the ties and tightened them up. Perfect! The cardboard wasn't moving at all. 

Teddy, practicing his royal wave
In order to transport the pumpkin carriage, we had to unassemble it. October 12, two days before my trip, we delivered the pumpkin-carriage stroller costume. I got it all put back together, did a little cosmetic work to cover the ugly zip ties, added a brace across the top and one between the front wheels for stabilization and told daughter to use another stroller til Halloween.

Miss Mouse in her pumpkin carriage
Of course, they all had a great time Trick-or-Treating and got lots and lots of candy. After all, who could resist such a cute little baby mouse, riding in a pumpkin carriage no less?   Hopefully, this year, they will choose Halloween costumes before mid-September and give Gramma more time for these crazy projects.

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